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IBM - 40K9201

Compatibilidade: x3950/x3950 E/x460/x3850/x366/x346/x336/x306m/x3800/x260/x236/x226/x206m/x100
Sistema Operativo: Caldera Open UNIX 8.x, Caldera OpenLinux, DOS, EFI, HP-UX, IBM AIX, NetWare, OS/2, Red Hat Linux, SCO Linux, SCO OpenServer, SCO UnixWare, SUSE Linux, Sun Solaris, Turbolinux, VMware ESX Server, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows PE, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows XP, Windows XP x64
Interface: 1 x 4-pin USB Type A
Cor da caixa: Preto
Marca Ref Design
IBM 40K9201
IBM 71P8595
HP 403619-B21
HP 497145-B21
HP 577668-B21 HP Kit de Riser HP DL180 G6 3 Slot x8 Full Height PCI-E, ProLiant Server Family Riser Cards
HP 580387-B21 HP Kit Flash Media de Elevada Capacidade HP 4 GB Secure Digital, Dispositivos Flash Media HP
HP 361591-B21
HP 401222-B21
HP 431643-B21 HP Kit Opcional de Placa Mezzanine HP BLc SB40c PCI-E, PCI Express Mezzanine Expansion Card for HP BladeSystem
HP 440627-B21 HP Kit Opcional HP Blc GbE2c Layer 2/3 Fiber SFP, BladeSystem c-Class Transceiver Options
HP 461718-B21
HP 467801-B21
HP 488100-B21 HP BLc3000 Dual DDR2 Onboard Administrator, BladeSystem classe C Onboard Administrator
HP 488230-B21 HP Kit de Full Riser HP DL180 G6 PCI-X, ProLiant Server Family Riser Cards
HP 488413-B21
HP 491513-B21 HP Kit de Full Riser HP DL160 G6 PCI-X, ProLiant Server Family Riser Cards
HP 494322-B21
HP 494323-B21
HP 494326-B21
HP 497143-B21
HP 500184-B21
HP 500579-B21 HP Kit de Riser HP DL380 G6 3 slots PCI-E, ProLiant Server Family Accessory Kits
HP 503771-B21
HP 518824-B21
HP 579255-B21
HP 581031-B21
HP 582429-B21 HP Kit de hardware para unidade Solid State HP z6000, Drive Hardware Kits
HP 582653-B21 HP Kit de hardware de Cache de Escrita com Bateria HP z6000, Kits de hardware HP Drive
HP 582657-B21 HP Kit de 2 compartimento HP z6000 Small Form Factor, Drive Cages
HP 615095-B21
HP AF071A HP Painel de enchimento universal Carbono 1U pacote de 100 HP, Filler Panel for Server Racks
HP AG082A HP Teclado para Montagem em Rack 1U HP com USB, Teclado para Montagem em Rack 1U HP com USB
HP 435757-B21 HPCD Fibre Mgmt Assy 
HP 435758-B21 HPCD Power Strip Mgmt Assy 
IBM 40K5391 IBM Keyboard UltraNav USB - Portugese. Dispositivo de entrada: Com fios, USB, QWERTY. Cor: Preto
IBM 42C0125 IBM Preferred Pro Full Size Keyboard USB - Portugese. Dispositivo de entrada: Com fios, USB, QWERTY. Cor: Preto
HP 403621-B21
HP 410916-B21
HP 411243-B21 Overview
Do you need a direct attached or shared storage solution within your BladeSystem enclosure?

The StorageWorks SB40c Storage Blade delivers direct attached and shared storage for c-Class enclosures, with support for up to six hot-plug small form factor (SFF) SAS or SATA hard disk drives. The enclosure backplane provides a PCI Express connection to the adjacent c-Class server blade and enables high performance storage access without any additional cables. The SB40c Storage Blade features an onboard Smart Array P400 controller with 256 MB battery-backed write cache, for increased performance and data protection.

Use HP LeftHand P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) software to turn the SB40c into an iSCSI SAN inside the BladeSystem enclosure. The P4000 VSA provides a scalable iSCSI SAN based on a clustered storage architecture, and includes remote replication capabilities, thin provisioning, and snapshots. Expand capacity within the same enclosure or additional enclosures.

High performance direct attached storage

? High speed PCI Express connection to adjacent c-Class server blade ensures optimum DAS performance

Internal iSCSI SAN with HP LeftHand P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA)

? Use HP LeftHand P4000 Virtual SAN Appliance (VSA) softwa...
HP 438030-B21
HP 448018-B21
HP 456204-B21
HP 572771-B21
HP AJ764A Overview
The introduction of the HP PCIe 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters brings datacenter infrastructure components to a higher level of performance and efficiency with the ability to deliver twice the I/O performance of 4 Gb FC HBAs. An 8 Gb Fibre Channel HBA purchased today is backward compatible with 4 and 2 Gb storage networks and will protect future investments. When using storage intensive applications, such as backup/restore, database transactions, virtualization, and rich media, the increased performance of the 8 Gb infrastructure enables more rapid storage and retrieval of critical information.

Finally, PCIe 8Gb FC Host Bus Adapters provide a number of features that work together to reduce power consumption, thus delivering a "green" benefit within the server.

The Highest Performing Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters

? The PCIe 8Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters deliver twice the I/O performance of 4Gb FC HBAs

Best Fibre Channel HBAs for Virtualization

? Ideal for the implementation of virtual servers with the power to drive multiple virtual machines.

Latest Technology Supports Green Initiatives

? HP 8 Gb FC HBAs have unique features in support of ?green? server technology.
HP 514206-B21